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Pomoc rodinám: Who We Are


we have a comprehensive mobile team

Handling responsibilities or everyday shopping? Needing a moment just for yourself? 

Want to go on a trip with other family members? Going to dinner or cultural events with your partner? 

We will help you. So you can have it easier. Thanks to the care of our professional team, you'll have free time for essential tasks or any activities that you can't devote time to due to demanding care.


House for Juliet is currently under construction. We already have a mobile team in place.

We provide assistance to parents and long-term caregivers to allow them to take a break. Please don't hesitate to turn to us with confidence, even if you just want to go "only" for a coffee or for sports. We understand that some everyday situations may be out of reach for you. We are here for both you and your child. Gather strength and occasionally leave the caregiving to us.


Are you taking care of a child or young person with a serious illness?

Take advantage of the comprehensive services offered by the House for Juliet team – caregiving (field respite service) as well as healthcare (home care). We provide assistance to families who are long-term caregivers for sick children and young people up to the age of 26.


Our caregivers and nurses visit children in their home environment. They adapt to your daily routine and the individual needs of the child, taking their health condition into account. With respect, reverence, and professional experience, they assist with personal hygiene, meal assistance, provide educational and activation activities, and, when possible, facilitate interaction with the social environment. In terms of healthcare, they administer medications and nutrition (including through PEG), care for tracheostomies, treat wounds, provide rehabilitation, and more.


Both caregiving and healthcare services are provided to children and young adults from 1 year to 26 years of age, within the South Moravian Region. The subsidized rate for one hour of care ranges from 130 CZK, depending on the ratio of the provided service (social/healthcare).

For more information or to request a service, please email or call 737 408 444.


Regional Respite Service Card.

Currently (September 2023): Due to capacity reasons, we are not offering professional internships and placements at the moment. Thank you for your understanding.

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