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Stavba Domu pro Julii: What We Do


The construction of the children's hospice has been strongly supported by the City of Brno from the very beginning of the project. The land for construction was selected in 2018, and subsequently, collaboration began with the architectural studio Čtyřstěn. From 2018 to 2021, architectural studies, project documentation, and construction documentation were created. The building permit for construction was issued in December 2021.


In 2021, the organization Dům pro Julii, z.ú. entered into a cooperation agreement with the City of Brno, which became the investor for the entire construction. The Dům pro Julii organization will provide the equipment for the House and operate all services. The construction commenced with a symbolic laying of the foundation stone on July 19, 2022. The completion of the construction is planned for the beginning of 2024, with the operation set to begin in mid-2024. The House for Julia will be located in the Kociánka area, within the premises of the Home for the Elderly.



The House for Juliet consists of three floors. In the lower part, there are offices, employee dressing rooms, a technical room, as well as storage rooms for bed linens, beds, and assistive devices.


The main part of the House for Juliet consists of a large communal area, rooms for children, a sensory playroom, as well as rooms for physiotherapy, art therapy, music therapy, a cinema, and a pool. The communal area will include a playroom, a dining area, a relaxation area, and a computer room. From the communal area, you can access the terrace or the inner atrium.

The inner atrium provides ample privacy for all hospice clients. Partial roofing allows the outdoor space to be used even in unfavorable weather conditions. It includes a small garden and play elements for children. All rooms have their own separate entrances to the atrium.


In the upper floor, there are rooms for parents and siblings of the children. There is also a shared kitchen with a dining area. Walkable roofs provide additional outdoor space for use and natural integration of the building with the surroundings.


Statutární město Brno finančně podpořilo stavbu budovy Domu pro Julii. Projekt je spolufinancován prostřednictvím Integrovaného regionálního operačního programu.

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