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Goods shop in Brno - Bystrc

The charity shop is a valuable part of the activities of the House for Juliet. Proceeds from the sale of donated items go to support the House for Juliet. At the same time, it is a contact point where you can find out the latest information from our organization. In the Good Shop we sell donated new and used goods - clothes, shoes, toys, books, jewelry, household items.

We accept the following groups of items as a gift:

- children's, women's and men's clothes and new shoes

- toys and supplies for children

- books (newer titles only)

- jewelry

- decorative items

- household goods

Please think for yourself whether the donated goods can serve someone else. For example, we cannot include damaged, incomplete or broken items or clothes with stains, holes or a non-functioning zipper in the offer.

Policy for receiving goods:

- clean

- undamaged

- seasonal

- functional

- complete

- non-volumetric

Due to the lack of storage and sales space, we do not accept large items such as prams, bicycles, televisions, etc. without prior agreement. It is also not possible to accept a large volume of items without prior agreement (specifically - two large bags are fine, two 160 liter bags are not) .

We personally accept donated items only during opening hours on MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY.

Currently, you can donate your spring pieces. And on that occasion, you can also choose something "new" for yourself right away.

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OC MAX, Kubíčkova 8, Brno 635 00 in the upper gallery. 

Opening hours MON to FRI:
9.00-11.30 and 12.00-18.00

Store manager:
Hana Kubíčková, tel. 
773 716 009

Facebook: Dobrý obchod PRO JULII - Bystrc

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