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We can't operate without financial support. Thanks to you, we can help terminally ill children and their families. 

Thank you.

The childrens hospice House for Juliet is currently under construction in Brno. We already provide care fro children in their home environment. Our clients are children, adolescents, and young adults who cannot do without the help of another person. They cannot feed themselves, dress themselves, or sit up; some have a feeding tube inserted into their stomach or breathe only with the support of a device. Despite their serious health condition, parents take care of them at home.

Your donation is extremely important. How can it help?

260 €

Lighter weekend for families with sick children 

- contribution to 2 weekend days of professional care by the mobile team at the child's home.

100 €

Lighter day for families with sick children

- contribution to 1 day of professional care by the mobile team at the child's home. 

40 €

Rehabilitation and basal stimulation of the child 

- contribution to providing specialized services of the mobile team. 

25 €

Sensory activation of a child

- contribution to professional care and play through colors, sounds, touches, and scents. 

10 €

Administration of medication and nutrition, or child's hygiene 

- contribution to 1 hour of professional home care by a nurse. 

different amount

choose your own donation amount

- contribution to the operation and equipment of the House for Juliet.

1850 €

Monthly care for one seriously ill child

- contribution to monthly professional care by the mobile team in the households of the child's family.

Material donation

whether for the office or the hospice - we will be grateful for material donations that help reduce the costs of operating and equipping the House for Juliet. We also appreciate handmade products for our sales stands, as part of Christmas markets or in our charity auction. Our colleague Magdalena Mikšíková knows best what we currently need. Feel free to write to her at

Donation via SMS

Donate via SMS, either one-time or regularly, through donor SMS services provided by the Donor Forum.

Shopping on the e-shop (GIVT)

Thanks to, some online stores will send a certain percentage to a good cause as a thank you for your purchase, and you won't pay anything extra. Just choose "Dům pro Julii" as the organization you want to support, and then shop as usual. More information after clicking the link.

Spreading promotion and awareness

Do you want to become part of the House for Juliet team and help us with promotion or awareness? Are you planning a party or birthday celebration, would you like to support the children's hospice project and introduce your friends and surroundings to the issues? Contact us at, and we will be happy to help you and tell you how.

Richardova Limonáda

Finally, a heart-healthy lemonade! From every bottle sold, 2 crowns go to support the House for Juliet. Be inspired by the story of Richard's lemonade. Maybe your product can help too. 

I have another Idea

Any help and support is welcome! If you have an appetite and an idea how to help, please contact us at this email address

Donation Boxes across the Czech Republic

Cafés, hair salons, shops, restaurants, hotels, gyms, birthdays, weddings - House for Juliet donation boxes are found in various places and participate in interesting events.


Economy, transparency, and the concrete impact of donations are essential aspects of the functioning of the House for Juliet organization. This is the only way to provide effective care for terminally ill children and help their families. Public financial support is indispensable for the activities of our organization. Ethics is an important value of our organization; therefore, we are committed to the code of the Czech Fundraising Center, the wording of which is provided below.


Ethical Code of a Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organization for Dealing with Donors


Guided by a common interest in the development of a distinct and free civil society, we declare that:


  1. We will use received donations in accordance with our mission and the will of the donor, whether expressed in writing or orally. If we know that we cannot use the donation in this way, we will refuse it.

  2. We will inform openly, truthfully, and completely about all received donations.

  3. We are responsible for from whom we accept funds and adhere to principles that we disclose.

  4. We use received donations purposefully, economically, and in accordance with applicable legislation.

  5. We use tools of transparency, including the publication of statutes (charter, founding deed), annual reports, financial statements, and, if applicable, an audit report, etc.

  6. We will always thank for the donation and guarantee that the acquired data about donors will be handled discreetly and securely in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

  7. We guarantee that individuals authorized to act on our behalf with donors and solicit their interest and support will adhere to the ethical code of a fundraiser.


Ethical Code of a Fundraiser


  1. All communication between the fundraiser and the donor is open, truthful, and complete.

  2. The fundraiser respects the donor and their refusal, does not abuse the donor's weaknesses, emotionally extorts, or applies pressure.

  3. The fundraiser addresses only donors acceptable to the organization.

  4. The fundraiser accepts only such a donation whose intended use is in line with the organization's mission and ethical rules.

  5. The fundraiser acts in a way that does not endanger the organization, its good name, and does not harm other organizations.

  6. The fundraiser thanks always, in a timely manner, and in an adequate form.

  7. The fundraiser protects the dignity, safety, and rights of people for whom the organization performs its activities.

  8. The fundraiser educates themselves in the field and strives for the cultivation of the profession.

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