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Bubbles in a transparent tube with a volume of 30 ml with three sizes of wands for creating bubbles. The bubbles are filled.

Dimensions: diameter 2.5 cm, height 12.7 cm.


  • Where the proceeds go

    The sale of items takes place within the framework of a public collection. 100% of the price of the product goes to the account of the public collection for the equipment and operation of the House for Juliet and the payment of the salaries of the nurses/caregivers who come to help with care at the families' homes.

  • Help regularly

    Regular support allows us to help families and save on the equipment and operation of the House for Juliet. Any amount sent monthly means more help for families in a difficult situation.

    I want to become a regular supporter of the House for Juliet I want to contribute regularly to help families in difficult situations

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