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We prepared a series of thematic talks, that can help you find your way in a difficult life situation. The talks are intended to support informal caregivers and the general public. They took place for free on the Google Meet platform. Their audio recording (Czech only) is now available, which you can find below and also in the section Podcasts.



A conversation with Julinka's mother, Petra Trnková (recording from 10/4/2022 here, Czech only)

Shared personal experience of a mother who lost her child. 

- what helped her cope with this event and keep the family going
- how to communicate with a person who loses their child and what is important at the moment

- what sometimes not to say and how to support parents who have experienced the loss of a child

- how to create a so-called safe zone for releasing emotions

A conversation with social worker, Jitka Jůzová (record from 11/10/2022 here, Czech only)

An introduction to social work and its role in supporting caregivers of a terminally ill child.

- what a social worker can do for you and where to find one
- where you can get the information you need to provide care for your child at home

- what you are entitled to, how to compensate financial expenses and where to turn in these cases
- who all gets involved in caring for thempowerful child – family, authorities, employer, school, hospital, general practitioner, health insurance company, and other services, e.g. respite care or home care


A conversation with crisis interventionist and carer, Eva Pospíchalová (record from 25/10/2022 here, Czech only)

Presentation of the possibilities of support and guidance through a difficult period of life associated with the child's serious illness.

- how specifically the relief service of the House for Julia works

- what are the needs of parents (or other close persons) who care for a seriously ill child for a long time

- how to manage a crisis situation associated with the deterioration of the child's health

- how you can support yourself and when to seek professional help

- where to look for motivation and get energy that you haven't been getting for a long time


The Conversations project was supported by:

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