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The problems of writers

"What to Write About."

The author of this article, honestly, hates this question to the core, for he suffers from a "refrigerator" and "freezer" filled to the brim and sighs quietly at times over the "graveyard" of ideas. But once I was tormented by the question. Sometimes I deliberately delayed completing a new creation, not having new ideas and afraid to put a point, pay someone to write an essay because after it began to be empty.

But the problem was solved very easily and by itself - I began to extract ideas from what I was writing - from episodic images that were interesting but had no room for maneuver, from legends, from random catch phrases... And then the process spilled over to other sources of information - books, movies, the world around me. And ideas poured out of a horn of plenty.

To know what to write about - for ideas to come constantly, you have to be open. Curious. Indolent. Attentive. You have to writing papers for money read, watch, learn, observe and be interested in ancient civilizations and cultures, languages, weapons, history, nature... other worlds.

And with interest will come the answer to the age-old question.

"And the text does not like, and not what is written what is seen."

It is very difficult to describe what you see "in your head" so that it corresponds to the mental original both visually and by impressions. Very hard. It's the highest level of craftsmanship, and you have to go to it through experience, for many years.

I've been writing for over a decade, have a dozen novels written, but I'm still learning and going to that stage. For there are many things that throw me off.

The scene mutates - the characters misbehave, a random thought slips a snake into the text and moves first the dialogue, and then the chapter, and sometimes the idea of the novel, in a different direction. Or - yes, the text does not like and seems obtuse. And you start to rework - both the concept of the novel and the image, and rewrite - at best, a chapter...

There is no panacea here . And there are no perfect drafts with perfectly seen and spelled out scenes, either. To achieve this, the text must be edited, and not just once. But before that, you have to finish it. And, starting, have a clear idea of what to write about ... and why with "for whom" - too. That is, an approximate concept with a plan - so that if the idea mutates, know how to change it. And put up with possible changes, as well as your own permanent obtuseness - it will pass with experience.

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